Kansas City Photographer

Kansas City Engagement, Wedding, And Lifestyle Photographer

Hey there! You made it!

Where do I start?
For starters, I’m a sassy, weird, and socially awkward coffee addict, and I enjoy scouting the city for new areas to find my morning “Cup o’ Joe!”
I have one cat. She’s probably the most evil being on this earth, but I’m grateful for her because she keeps me on my toes. When I’m not shooting, I’m practicing yoga and kickboxing and exploring around the city! There’s so much to see here in KC, and I’m so happy to be able to call this beautiful place my home!
I grew up in a tiny amish town called Yoder, KS, so this city life was quite a culture shock to grow accustomed to. However, I love the fact that my parents still live in Yoder, it’s my sweet escape from the busier life every so often!
Lately, my biggest dream is to travel more in the near future, so I’m definitely making that a big goal for myself. Have a crazy elopement in mind? I’m your girl!
My “photographic style” is extremely cinematic and moody because I feel like it’s a great way to portray emotion within my images. If that’s not your style, I can usually lighten things up just a bit if you tell me beforehand. I want you to be able to portray your vision too and I work well with any suggestions that you have in mind. After all, this is all about one thing…you.
Before I forget, I also love a good concept/fine art shoot, so if you see things within my portfolio that are a little “off” or strange, that’s probably why! More than likely, I’m using my photography as a greater creative outlet for myself and my thoughts. You have to find joy in what you do or it becomes work, right?
Overall, I’m an easy-going, open-minded and compassionate person. This means that if I’m photographing your wedding, I’ll be the one to calm you down and also cry with you. It just happens, okay? Okay!
With all that being said, I thrive through creation and making connections with everyone around me, and I’d love to hear any ideas that come your way. I strive to make sure you’re comfortable, and, most importantly, yourself throughout your session(s) because that alone can speak volumes when you view your images! Comfort, Happiness, and Fun. That’s what I’m all about!

You’re more than welcome to drop me a message via the link below.
Let’s create something beautiful together!


Video by Haik Kavookjian
Insta: @take_a_haik