Tips to a Stress-Free Wedding Day Experience


Alright, friends! 
I’ve compiled all of my wedding day experiences to help you out in various situations you may encounter for your big day. 
Like I always say, I’m here for you, so I’m taking a little time (not much, I don’t want to ramble) to clue you in on a few things that are inevitable and normal for each wedding day.

1.  Forget those guests that still arrived even though they weren’t welcome.

Yes, maybe they came out of spite or sheer oblivion, but you absolutely cannot dwell on it.  Stay away from them as much as you can.  What don’t you want on your wedding day?  Tension, and that’s all you’ll have if you let this get to you.
Send over a friendly nod or wave and go about your “married way”.


2.  Rough timelines help.

I say “rough” because, out of all of the weddings I’ve photographed, nothing has ever been on time, and you know what?  That’s okay!  I always tell my clients to give themselves at least an extra hour of time when they’re planning their wedding day.  Here’s an example:
If your hair and makeup absolutely has to be done by 3PM, plan for it to be done at 2PM. I always use this rule of thumb, and it has always been beneficial to the day as a whole.  Everyone that arrives is there for you and they need to understand how crazy a wedding day can be anyway…Which brings me to my next topic.


3.  Speak your mind.

Do I wish I could have done that more when planning my wedding?  Absolutely.  I promise you that you will regret being tight-lipped as well.  Did your florist not deliver the bouquet you wanted?  TELL HER!  It may be too late to get new flowers for your venue, but trust me, you’ll feel better if you at least make it known.
*Insert floral tip below*


4.   Plan for bugs when it comes to planning floral.

Now, I’m not an expert on which bugs like whatever flower, but I bet your florist knows a little bit about this!  This is something I never would have thought about, but I’ve seen ladies absolutely covered in Japanese Beetles because:

A.      It was hot and

B.      It was July and

C.      We were stuck in a very fieldy/wilderness spot that was a pit for bugs

Just check in with your florist to see if they have any knowledge on this just in case!  It is a pain when it happens.


5.  Plan for the weather…But don’t plan for the weather.

Kansas City Wedding Photographer

Your date is significant to you.  That is that.  If it’s going to rain, we make it beautiful, if it’s hotter than nobody’s business (my wedding), your guests will sit through it…Just try to keep this one short and sweet if you can..Probably do this for the cold ones too!  However it plays out, it will be beautiful, and it will be something to remember and talk about for years to come.


6.  Take time for yourselves.

This one is simple:
Throughout all of the hustle and bustle that is your wedding day, you lose track of what is really important here…YOURSELVES.  I swear I will do my best to try and hide the both of you for a total of 15 (or more, if you need it) minutes so the two of you can talk, laugh, and appreciate a small chunk of time together.  You need this for your day.  You absolutely have to have it.


Kansas City Wedding Photographer
Kansas City Photographer

7.  Live in the moment.

Kind of the same concept as #6, but this covers a more broad area of your wedding day.  So what you tripped all the way down the aisle, enjoy it.  Laugh it up.  LIVE IT.  Not everything has to be perfect Pinterest/Instagram Material.  We’re human, and we need to start enjoying the smaller things in life.  You’re in a big fancy dress with your hair done up and it’s raining?  Go outside, and make a scene with your loved one.  Pure, raw emotion is what I’m all about, and with material like this, can you imagine the magical memories you will have to look back on?

It’s all worth it, peeps.  I swear!  Especially if you have a photographer that wants your day to be as perfect as you do (AHEM J ).  In all seriousness though, even if you’re not booking your big day with me, you have to have vendors that are willing to fight for your big day as much as you are. 

It’s not the end of the world if something goes awry.  Your day is simply that…yours, and how it unfolds is how it’s supposed to happen…How you create these memories.


Peace Out and Happy Planning!