Hey, everyone!

I thought I'd take a second to make a small intro on my "home" blog. I plan to make this pretty simple and just about my life in general. Maybe I'll turn it into more of a digital diary and/or recipe page?

Who knows, but I'd love to keep all of you updated on all things Stevie... Even though most days it's not that entertaining, I'll be honest.  I'm hoping 2019 brings forth a lot more traveling and weird encounters (which actually DOES happen frequently).  I'm making all of this a goal for both my mental health and my fam bam!

Traveling and starting up this whole "blogging" thing have been goals of mine for a while now, and it's time I stop making all of the excuses in the world.   Guys, I feel behind the times already at the age of 26! I'm just now getting into podcasts, I make references that my friends don't understand, and more often than not, I'm looking up terminology people use at me on Urban Dictionary. I've always felt a little "out of this era", but I feel like it's just going to get worse from here.  

Anyways! I'll be posting a blurb soon about where my passion for photography started, how I made it into a small business, and more soon!  

In the meantime, drop a podcast for me to listen to other than My Favorite Murder and Conan Needs a FriendI'll love you forever!  

Since I definitely meant to grab my camera this weekend but forgot to, here are some night photos I took on my phone.


Love always,